Metal Bearing Cages

Metal Ball Bearing Cages & Retainers

Ball bearing cage (also known as ball bearing retainer or ball separator), is the component in a ball bearing that separates the balls, maintains the balls symmetrical radial spacing, and in most cases, holds the bearings together. Cages can also be utilized in providing lubrication by acting as a reservoir for oils, or by supplying a solid film via the cage material itself or a coating on the cage.

Ball bearing cages are guided by one of the available surfaces between the inner and outer rings. There are inner land riding retainers where the retainer’s bore slides, or is guided by, the O.D. of the inner ring, Outer land riding retainers where the O.D. of the retainer slides, or is guided by, the bore of the outer ring, and ball riding retainers where the retainers touch neither ring and is totally guided by the balls.

Cages are available in a variety of configurations and materials that enhance performance in torque sensitive applications, at higher speeds, or in extreme environments. Some designs are limited in use in certain types of bearings depending on the size and configuration of the bearing. However, there are four basic types of cages that are the most common, readily available, and will perform well in most applications. The four types of cages are the J-type, W-type, RJ-type, and TW-type.

Bearing Cages by MANU

We at MANU offer a wide range of bearing cages in terms of shape & size. Most commonly available size ranges from O.D. 15 mm to 120 mm. Our cages have a very high CpCpk in critical tolerances, giving them an edge over competitors when it comes to cage noise in the bearing. With our continuous efforts, we have been able to provide very clean bearing parts to our customers thereby reducing noise and friction in the bearing.

Claw or Prong Type Cage
Riveted Ball Bearing Cage

“Loose” clinch type cage provides lower torque. Material type is 302stainless steel, though brass and carbon steel are also available. These types of cages can operate at low to moderately high speeds. While loose crimp is standard, tight crimp (JF) is used for higher speeds & extra loose (JL) is used for low torque applications.

There is another type of Ribbon Cage – RJ type cage (Bore Diameter over 10 mm). They basically have high load carrying capacities. It is a two piece ribbon consisting of two halves that are assembled one half from one side, and the other half from the opposite side. The two pieces are riveted together and are strong enough to withstand higher levels of vibration and acceleration. This type of cage is guided by the balls.

Various types of sheet metal ball bearing cages manufactured by MANU are:

  1. Claw/Prong Type Ball Bearing Cage
  2. Riveted Ball Bearing Cage
  3. BL-type or Flat Rivet Cage

Special Cages

These are same as sheet metal cages, but are either specially heat treated or made of special material. These processes are used to increase wear resistance of the cages, reduce rusting, etc. The heat treatment process is very helpful to strengthen the cage, and which in turn increases its life. Various types of special cages manufactured by MANU are:

  1. Stainless Steel Cage
  2. Nitro-Carburized Cage
  3. Tuftride Cage
BL-type or Flat Rivet Cage
Tuftride Cage